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    Panda Given TV to Cure Boredom and Depression

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    by Geo Beats

    Staffers at Yunnan Wild Animal Park recently set up a television in a panda exhibit to help the animal get over depression and boredom.

    For some, a good TV show can be therapeutic for a troubled mind. Staffers at Yunnan Wild Animal Park seem to think that statement is true, as they recently set up a television in a panda exhibit.

    The employees hope the TV will help rid boredom and cure the animal’s depression. The panda in question is named Scarlett. Two of her companions, called Macy and Qianqian previously stayed at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park after their former homes in Sichuan were destroyed by an earthquake.

    During their time together, the three pandas became very close. Qianqian was transported back to Sichuan in 2012 and on March 31st of this year, Scarlett’s last remaining friend Macy was taken back to her original home.

    Scarlett was left alone and the sadness proved to be a little too much for the panda to handle. Right after Macy left, Scarlett refused to go back to her room, wouldn’t eat and ignored the staffers’ attempts to play and engage her.

    That’s when the staff wondered if a TV would help to console her. They installed one and played footage of Scarlett and Macy playing together when they were younger.

    Scarlett is responding beautifully to it. She now sits in front of the TV and munches her food while observing the video.