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    Nejiten- Neji and Tenten are bestfriends


    by Rachel

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    My second AMV. I have two other AMVs on youtube, but this one is by far the most popular so i thought i'd add it first. This AMV was made by me but i obviously DO NOT own Naruto or the Song. I hope you guys like this, and if i sound a little snippy, i'm sry, it's just this thing i've been trying to make on my computer keeps freezing so i'm very frustrated T_T. Well, i hope you guys like this ^_^.

    Youtube Description:

    My second AMV that I started last night and finished this morning. I hope it wasn't rushed, I was just really exited about it ^_^. And yes, since my fist one was Naruhina and my second is Nejiten i'm going to finish off the konoha main 8 with a Sasusaku and an Inoshika. Now, I know alot of you are leeten and Nejihina fans (myself being a fan of the later), so if you are going to leave comments then please don't have it be about something like that. Thank you very much for watching!

    (P.S.- I made this on March 15th 2007)