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    50 years of Ford Mustang, from NY to Tehran


    by PressTV

    One of the auto industry's most iconic muscle cars turns 50 today. With its fans celebrating all over the place.
    In New York where the car was first unveiled in 1964, Ford unveiled the new model but with a splashy entrance again. In 1964 a Mustang was cut to pieces and reassembled atop the Empire State Building, Ford pulled the same stunt once again with a bigger model this year. The Mustang caused a sensation when it was introduced, and still enjoys its fans 50 years on. Classic car owners cherish this brand all over the globe, and Iran is no exception. Car lovers showcased their Mustangs to the public, vintage classics in mint condition. These Mustang owners believe this car never grows old. One owner said "I liked the mustang ever since I was a kid, because of its design, its power. I believe its design is not time bound. And, every muscle car has its own history and message, I believe a Mustang resembles being free and freedom." Another fan said "I like cars and bikes, I reassemble classic cars. I like this car and have made it ready for racing and have taken in track courses in Italy and UAE, and then raced here taking the first place in the podium in two races in Iran. I was told about the specs of these cars and some of these collectors had several mustangs here to showcase, and about their cars, and their condition pictures do the talking. And other than showing off their rides, a group of car enthusiasts launched the Mustang Club of Iran. "Several classic car clubs exist in Iran, mostly for European cars. As it's the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, we've started this club for Mustang lovers in Iran," a Mustang owner and founder of the club said. Some of these rides are so tuned it might be even better than the original.