Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up

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Totally agree with Karine. I too am classically trained, in fact my degree is in music theory (BMA Music theory, university of Michigan 2002) and if this is plagiarism, than we can expect to see many more lawsuits. I cannot speak for the dead, but I STRONGLY suspect that if Marvin were alive he wouldn't have considered suing for even a second. He probably would love the song and be honored to have inspired a hit song like blurred lines. The really sad thing is that this is a blow to creativity and the centuries old practice of artists paying homage to their favorites artists by using their work as inspiration for new works. shame on my fellow Detroiters, t h e Gaye family for doing this.
Par Brandon Cassidy il y a 2 semaines
WTF???? You NEVER can say Williams and Thicked took the whole song!!! I'am classical trained musician too, and I can say that, they obviously were "inspired" by the rhythm and the way Marvin sings , but that's all. Musician always inspire each others. The REAL SHAME is on Marvin Family who want to win several millions dollars!!!
Par Karine en mars
Thank you for this! Merci bien. I'm a classically trained musician. To copy a 'little bit' is ok. To take the whole song even the rhythm??? Shame on Williams AND Thicke.
Par Vickisaysciao en mars
Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have to pay 7 millions dollars because of their plagiat of this music (blurred lines) Sorry for my poor english.
Par Ho Dae-Soo en mars
Par Rhnini en octobre
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