Chilling Surveillance Video Captures Burglar Staring at Sleeping Baby

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Home surveillance footage shows a suspect creeping around a house with a flashlight before entering the room of the homeowner’s baby and staring at the child.

A family in Texas is shocked at the audacity of one burglar. The crime occurred on April 5th at a little after 5 in the morning.

Surveillance video captured the suspect entering the home as the family peacefully slept. The footage shows the man creeping around the house with a flashlight before entering the room of the homeowner’s baby.

The male shined the flashlight around the little boy’s room and even snuck up to the crib to stare at the infant. The baby reportedly woke up for a moment, made eye contact with the suspect and went back to sleep.

Fortunately the man didn’t touch the infant, but nevertheless, the child’s father Thinh Le says he was infuriated when he saw the burglar enter his son’s room.

The Le family wasn’t aware someone had entered their home until a neighbor contacted them and said Thinh’s laptop and briefcase had been discarded in their yard.

That’s when they reviewed the footage and contacted police, who later discovered $60 had also been stolen from the home.

Law enforcement describes the suspect as a 16 to 18 year Hispanic male with a tattoo behind his right ear. They are asking the public for help in identifying him.