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    Every Day-Lambert Hendrics & Ross Basie


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    Jean-pierre de Cayeux
    Toujours aussi swingant;difficile de donner autant de joie;merci, nous ramener au temps du VRAI jazz
    J-P. deCAyeux(j'étais à Juan ce soir la...)
    ユーザー名 Jean-pierre de Cayeux5 年前
    Mark Allan Williams
    Just great! With O.C. Smith, who was with Basie prior to his "Little Green Apples" success.
    ユーザー名 Mark Allan Williams7 年前
    Erlendur "Eddie" Svavarsson
    My favorite vocal group!!!! Gimme more!!!!
    ユーザー名 Erlendur "Eddie" Svavarsson8 年前
    Superb document.
    Thanks a million!
    ユーザー名 johnEhawkes9 年前
    great clip! do you have more from this session? and are you interested in trading jazz videos? in case you are, feel free to ask for my free list of 1000+ swinging videos and dvd's.
    ユーザー名 xilefeira9 年前