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    Expedition Faros-Paros 2

    Srecko D

    by Srecko D


    Three seas - two islands - our Mediterranean
    Ancient Pharos, modern Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, is the oldest town in Croatia. Pharos was founded and colonised by Greeks from the island of Paros in 385/4 BC. Paros was the home of the ancient poet Archilochus and the sculptor Skopas. Pharos itself remained an independent city, or polis, for nearly 400 years up until the arrival of the Romans at the end of the 1st century BC.
    Now steps are being taken by both these towns to restore the links between the two islands across a distance of 700 nautical miles. The expedition, the first of its kind ever to happen, will be undertaken in "Besa", a historic sailing boat, which will sail from Stari Grad to Parikia, the main town on Paros, and then back again.

    Members of the expedition team are Branko Kirigin, archaeologist and leader of the expedition who has visited Paros on several occasions and established links between the inhabitants and archaeologists of the islands; Aldo Cavic, director of the Cultural Centre in Stari Grad; Captain Dean Roic from Hvar; Ante Zuljevic biolog; Andro Tomic, a wine producer from Jelsa; and Darko Sosa a painter from Hvar. A Croatia Television crew, led by the famous explorer Stipe Bozic, will accompany the expedition.