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    New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Caught Fire !

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

    Twenty fourteen (2014) Mercedes-Benz S-Class was touted to be the world's best car, as it was launched to replicate the future of Mercedes for the coming decade. But what if the incident of it bursting into flames seems to prove crucial ground for brand to sell it in good numbers?
    However, this time, the two-week old twenty fourteen (2014) Mercedes-Benz new S-Class was found bursting into flames in the Southern Germany.
    The car was reported to be driven by an elderly couple, when a serious fire spontaneously started fuming underneath the bonnet. Gracefully, all the passengers managed to escape in time, and no one was seriously injured.
    The local fire department wasted no minutes in arriving at the spot, and 18 firemen along with three firetrucks bloke the fire off.
    Hopefully, police investigations are on, and even Mercedes-Benz engineers too are investigating the case with anxiety.
    Well, we too are very much curious to know what made this world's best car to jolt with fire just after two weeks since rolled down from the showroom. Does anyone have any idea? Please do mention in the comments box below...