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    Ski Vacation in Iran (Axis of Evil)?


    by KZ

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    Discover a Hidden Gem & Make New Friends
    If you want to ski somewhere with powdery snow and several downhill areas but inexpensively, go to Iran. Amaze yourself and see what you cannot see through the Media lens. Lots of fun! It is very safe and economical with all the amenities available in Europe or America.

    The ski season in Alborz mountains is usually from mid January to about the end of March. In some other parts of the country ski season can be longer as late as mid May.

    There are a few skiing areas in the Alborz mountains. Below are resorts that are near Tehran.

    Dizin Resort is the most famous resort near Tehran. It sits at 3,800 meters and includes hotel, tennis court, children's playground, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding.

    Shemshak Resort located about 60 Km (37 miles) from Tehran sits at 3,600 meters (11,800 ft) , with a vast ski area and hotel. Along with Dizin, Shemshak is preferred by experienced skiiers
    Darband Sar - 56km north-east of Tehran and Danbansar Resort near Shemshak are for less experienced skiers.

    Cross country skiing is available at Mt. Damavand.

    Restaurants are available at the resorts. Some ski areas have guest houses or hotels.

    Check with your tour guide, your hotel or directly from resorts about rules and dress code.

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