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    Butt glued to the toilet: Woman falls for sticky prank, misery ensues

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    Butt stuck to the toilet in super glue prank: That's what happened to Illyanna De La Keur, a 40-year-old mother of two from Banks County, Georgia on November 27 when a shopping trip to Home Depot ended in an extremely dignified TV news story.

    De La Keur told to WSB-TV that companions had been shopping for a heater when she took a bathroom break. Unknown to her, an unknown trouble maker had gone into the women's bathroom and smeared toilet seats with a powerful adhesive.

    Shortly after taking seat De La Kueur realized she was going to be there for a while.

    She says she was stuck there for 25 minutes before emergency staff arrived to extract her from the sticky situation, along with half the store's employees.

    An hour later she was free. Store manager Mary Dean found an open bottle of the glue inside a paper bag which investigators believe

    According to the Bank's County sheriff, the incident remains an open investigation.

    Two weeks after the incident De La Kueur says she's still suffering from muscle pains and tender skin which prevent her from sitting upright.


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