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    Violent drunk caught on tape: Wasted foreigner attacks Hong Kong cabbie

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    A 6-foot tall intoxicated Caucasian man, identified only as 'Alex', was caught on tape assaulting a 57-year-old taxi driver on Hong Kong's Jaffe Road (謝斐道) in Wan Chai (灣仔) at 2am on Tuesday.

    Alex reportedly first caused a stir by throwing bottles and a microphone at a bar located on Gloucester Road before moving on to Jaffe Road where the incident occurred.

    According to video footage, the highly intoxicated Alex demanded to get in a taxi but was refused by the driver. Alex then began kicking the taxi but was restrained by a female friend. His anger unsatiated, Alex roughed up the taxi driver, injuring the driver's nose and chest.

    After police arrived at the scene, Alex was arrested the hurt cabbie taken to hospital.

    Turns out the person who called the cops was an employee from a bar located a few streets over on Gloucester Road. The barman dialed 999 because 'Alex' had just caused a ruckus at his bar, standing on a sofa and throwing glass bottles and a microphone.


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