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    Carol's Crazy Chinese: Cook Noodles (下麵)

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    Want to learn how to cook noodles Chinese style? Why not first find out what "cook noodles" really means in Mandarin Chinese with Carol!

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    After learning 豆腐 (Tofu) and 炒飯 (Fried rice), let's learn how to say "cook noodles" in Chinese Mandarin with Carol. I like noodles more than rice, 'cause other than the fact that noodles are so much faster to cook, they also symbolizes longevity and....some other good luck!

    Chinese: 下麵 (Xia Mian)
    English: Cook Noodles

    (Scenario 1)
    A: I'm hungry.
    B: 我下麵給你吃。(Let me cook you some noodles).
    A: Oh?! Actually I'm full.
    (Scenario 2)
    A: 我下麵好吃嗎? (Do you like the noodles I cook?)
    B:'s a bit too chewy for me.

    Stay until the end for Youtube comments response!

    Still have no idea what 下麵 (cook noodles) implies? (scroll down.....)

    下麵 sounds like comment slang of "private parts" in Chinese Mandarin!!


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