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    Another Perspective on Iran - 3 Peace


    by KZ

    Another Perspective on Iran- Who are Iranians?

    Iranians People Like Us who only want Peace

    With so much negative and false news about Iran, it is useful to see Iran through the eyes of Iranians, a land of many contrasts, beauty, immense cultural heritage and a deep sense of nationalism that has nothing to do with the government produced ad portrayed revelotionary Iran.
    The Mullahs in Iran portray Iran as a highly religious and reveolutionary country and pretend that they enjoy the support of 100% of Iranians. Don't be fooled by the Rent-a-crowed false Kodak moments that the Islamic Regime creates. Just likie North Korea Iran is a nation hijacked by a religious minority that has nothing to do witeh the true Iranian culture and hreritage, in fact the Mullahs dislike and hate Iranian culture and language, that is why they have been working hard to destroy historical sites and Persian language.