I'm Outta Love * Xena Music Video

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Gabrielle and Xena's friendship in crisis?
It's Aphrodite to the rescue!
Gabrielle, feeling left out and insecure since her best friend Xena started hanging out with other gal pals, confided her worries to the goddess Aphrodite. Upset by this troubling news, Aphrodite decided to descend from Mount Olympus to cheer up and help out Gabrielle using a "hands-on" approach - literally!
But it seems like even the goddess of love is having a hard time finding a way out of this relationship problem. Can the meddling Aphrodite succeed or make matters worse?


02:01 aphrodite aka alexandra tydings 5*****
By ku6-li 2 years ago
jdr xena
By camille 6 years ago
Excellent !!! Je me tords de rire à chaque fois. Franchement chapeau pour les choix de scènes !
By latrove 6 years ago

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