Conjoined Babies Headed Home After Getting Separated

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Two babies, who were conjoined at birth, are now separated and going home to their loving parents.

Two babies, who were conjoined at birth, are now separated and starting their journey home to their loving parents. The twins, Owen and Emmett Ezell were born joined at the chest all the way down to abdomen.

They shared the same liver and intestines. During the pregnancy, their parents Jenni and Dave, were even advised by a doctor to abort thinking the twins would not survive. Time and time again they were told that surgery was not possible.

However, a specialist in Dallas didn’t share that opinion and gave them new hope. After the twins birth in Oklahoma, the Ezells moved to Dallas where doctors at the Medical City Children’s Hospital were ready to perform the risky procedure.

Dr. Tom Renard and his team had previously separated a dozen sets of conjoined twins before Owen and Emmett. About a month after they were born, Renard and his colleagues successfully carried out the surgery on the Ezell babies.

Ever since the 9 hour long, intricate procedure, the now separate twins have been recovering in neonatal intensive care. Jenni and Dave were constant figures there, helping to care for and act as nurses to their children.

Renard says the boys have doubled their weight since birth and are now doing wonderfully.