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    Korea China Japan hold trilateral cooperation meeting


    by PressTV

    An international forum was held in Seoul by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat... an intergovernmental body set up in 2011 by South Korea... China and Japan to strengthen cooperation between the three countries... Prominent speakers from around the world tackled a host of regional issues blocking peace and common prosperity among the three states... Earlier on Monday... in connection with the event... Ken Calder... who spoke at the forum as a famed expert on Japan and East Asia... gave a talk at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club... briefing journalists on the Northeast Asian situation and regional cooperation... as well as a public lecture at the secretariat’s Seoul offices where he said one of the biggest obstacles to Northeast Asian cooperation is historical grievances the region’s countries like Korea and China have against Japan because they feel it has not atoned for historical injustices and atrocities...