The Cramps feat. KItten DeVille

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The Cramps are one of my fav band.
You can see my deaaar friend, the gorgeous Queen of New Burlesque Kitten DeVille shakin' in this kool video. "Ultra Twist" from the "FlameJob" Cramps album (1994).
Hey let's twist. Do the ultra twist. Stick it in and twist. Do the ultra twist. Recent movements leave one cold. It's big improvement and very bold. Hangin' ten on a shockwave. Hangin' out like the new breed say. Come on let's do it. Do the ultra twist. Jam it in and screw it. Do the ultra twist. Do the ultra twist. Just go like this. Do the ultra twist and bend the trim. The alchemists all recommend. Doin' the ultra twist-it's here to stay. Makes tomorrow look like yesterday. The ultra set now propose. Wear skintight crazy clothes. Spurs that go jingle-jangle-jing and many other shiny indementional things.

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Y'a du bon.
Par Igmaar il y a 5 ans
Ca ne me fait nichon ni froid
Par chemil il y a 7 ans