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    Goat Simulator is a pretty baa-ad ass game

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    In February, Coffee Stain Studios released a YouTube video for a joke prototype game called Goat Simulator that quickly racked up millions of views, so they made it into a real game.

    The game was released on April 1 and has become immensely popular. The aim of Goat Simulator is to get points for destroying things by headbutting them. There are awesome achievements like Michael Bay. You can hop and flip all over the place as well as lick objects to make them stick to your tongue. The goat is pretty killer with an ax too. If seeing goats flying around in a jetpack is something that floats your boat, then Goat Simulator is the game for you.

    The game is like an old school skater game but with awesome bugs, spawning other MODs like Shrek Simulator and Giraffe Simulator.

    Goat Simulator is available on Steam, and it's Windows only. You can buy a copy for $9.99. The developers at Coffee Stain has said they are currently working on Mac and Linux versions.

    Rumor has it that NMA is currently working on Panda Simulator, where the Panda gets to pay off corrupt CCP officials, beat up innocent monks and act like a Chinese tourist.


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