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    Timbaland Ft Nelly Furtado Justin


    by AWALE

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    Rich Mundo
    J Dupri, Mannie Fresh, whattup I wear Timberlands, what the hell is a Timbaland, Sneak Dissin, Matter of Fact, I got some Jordans on, So im feeling like Mike, Except I really am like Mike, You know Remix the layup, yall fingerrolling like the ice man, Im going Hard like Crack Man, So I guess yall crack kids, crack babies, crack sperm, No need to big worm me, Cuz I dont smoke Homey, ayo Deabo get back up and get at Craig, ITs the year of the Villian ask the Chinese, They Say que pasa Ese, I say nada Japan, Bangcok, Cambodia, China, Koreans better keep Careers we Triad, Not Try That, ha ha ha Scarface, whats so funny, Now stick ya self, Cuz King Kong kept Rizin, But Godzilla is way the realest Monster Killer. Thats official so somebody give him a tissue, Tricks that defeated them don't work on the Rotschild, thats the most rotten of childs, we Cobra in my apple, not a worm, Yall can get with it, Dont think so, Im brought one on one sex back, Lets go Girl
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Hey when Im in ghetto clubs in the hood, Call me Port Au Prince, U know the Hatin Sponsor, I own A Haitian Soccer Club, and KNow them Boys hadn't one a game since the early nineties, But I got a different route, IF they run the route on time, I revamp they land, so they can build their brothers, mammies and mammies mammies some houses on their Land, Okay so U know the Pelicula, But I don't roll dice and Leave G A, Im here evryyyday, I got people from Russia commin to Putin Me, Thats give me Chess Advice, and I said I love yall for that, but Im Jin Kazuya in Mortal Kombat, and they should know that they mortal, Whose My Padre? Okay Its this one, I don't know about Trust, thats a big one to put out, But shes been on my mind like my Wal-Mart Stock, I never owned a Piggy Bank, but my lil sister had a Snoopy Bank, and I get my Bank Buried underneath that all White Bulldog, We call her UGA 8, she a clerk out the courts, and shes rude, We do the car wash, rake the leave, and bake the fish
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    du bon son comme toujours
    By summer899 years ago