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    Japanese NEETs tired of unemployment found company

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    A group of 166 Japanese NEETs, or young persons "Not in Education, Employment or Training", held a press conference on Tuesday to announce that they had last month established a company called NEET Corporation.

    All of the youths are both stakeholders and directors of the company, having each invested 6,000 yen (US$60) into the company. Each participates in the research and development of the company's products. The average age of employees is just shy of 28 and they take turns assuming the presidency on a daily basis. Each of the company's employees are described as having specialities such as law, design and fortune telling.

    Wakashin Yujun, a visiting researcher at the Keio Research Institute at SFC, has been appointed chairman and executive director of the company. He is the only company employee who is not themselves an NEET.

    The company intends to make a number of product proposals to potential clients, including, oddly enough, an energy drink that causes fatigue and a can, that when opened, releases the scent of a "cute girl's bedroom".


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