Pastor Troy Are We Cuttin'

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Artist: Pastor Troy feat. Ms. Jade Are We Cuttin'
Un des MC les plus hardcore de Atlanta qui n'est pas assez reconnu en France.

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I got my Sean John Jacket on. Yeeeeeah I touch myself, but I aint no punk, Its just the girls you trying to send my way look like Ugly Ducklings, and I got beautiful Geese, Yall keep the swans, Yall Got Beyonce Money, I got Shakira Money and Schools not in the name of Cuba, do ya research, But i Gets much colder, Ooooh Im Scared of Pastor Troy, Beecause My Universal Soldiers got beat by Rocky, Why people Gambling with something I dedicated my whole life to, My Sister told me about Pastor Troy, you've officially been chopped and screwed, Hit Em Up, and wear a Eco-Friendly Human Hatin Cotton Shirt, WHo is this Big Head Baltimore Philly Broad Rappin, My Girls don't play golf, cause they the course, and yall cant be members, now be a caddy, Im not ya daddy, Thats just like black dudes wont let white dudes say "nigga"
Par Rich Mundo il y a 6 ans
Timbo a la prod sa fai tjs mal
Par Nyckolaï Masslanyi il y a 7 ans
depuis le temp ke je cherchais cette video tro fort
Par nene lou carole il y a 7 ans