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    Warren Wiebe


    by hdkpereira



    The guy on additional keys is Claude Gaudette, not Steve Dorff. Claude passed away a couple of years after Warren. The cause of his death was a heart attack. As everyone knows, Warren commited suicide. Both, Warren and Claude, were extremely talented ...RIP. Btw, I consider Steve Dorff's Original Demos Warren's posthumous album. Check it out, if you don't have it.
    By yo_yo_ma8 years ago
    R.I.P. vraiment fabuleux ce medley ;-)
    By miklo9 years ago
    oui suicide c'est ca.
    By hdkpereira9 years ago
    ceux qui verront "the Rat Pack" reconnaitront la voix de Warren Wiebe. Il fait la voix du crooner Dean Martin lorsque ce dernier chante dans le film (sous les traits de Joe Mantegna).
    By hdkpereira9 years ago
    "He sang like an angel and was the best part of so many of our memories. We will miss him dearly."
    - David and Linda FOSTER (November 1998)

    "This tune also marks the introduction of a new artist that David Foster brought to the Jook Joint. Warren Wiebe is a remarkably talented artist who thinks, feels and sings much more than he says. Singing all he does and he has used it to overcome all the obstacles he has faced in his life. He was born with a singular God-given gift, the gift of song. So here's a shout out to "The Rain Man", Warren Wiebe, my "Brother Man"."
    - Quincy JONES about Warren WIEBE on the song "Is It Love That We're Missin'". Duet with Gloria Estefan. (on the liner notes of Quincy JONES album Q's Jook Joint released in 1995)

    "It's so tragic. He was one of the sweetest, kindest guys ever..."
    - Bill CANTOS (October 1998)

    "Though very sad!!!! We will see Warren again in the next Sphere of Life!!!"
    - Cruz and Michael SEMBELLO (October 1998)
    By hdkpereira9 years ago
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