Flying Drone Car Called 'Skylys' in the Works

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Mix Aerospace, the group behind the idea for the ‘Skylys’ flying drone car, has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for their innovative project.

With all the talk surrounding drones and flying cars; it seems they both hold a place for future transport of both goods and humans. One French company has taken the two concepts and combined them into one.

The result is what they call the ‘Skylys’ flying car. The group behind the idea, Mix Aerospace has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for the innovative project.

The heads at Mix Aerospace describe the vehicle stating ‘In detail we aim to create an urban dual-mode, hybrid flight and electric drive motorized vehicle that fits into sustainable mobility. This 4 wheeled module is the main structure of a flying car which will adapt to its multi propeller system with a modular robotics system.’

The designers propose the drone slash flying car can get its start by being used for civil protection and rescue missions. As the concept of futuristic air travel progresses, they hope civilian drivers will be able to commute in the Skylys, which will make it easier for people to get from building to building in crowded cities all while saving time and eliminating road congestion.

The company is looking to raise over $3 million to make the drone car a reality. What do you think of the concept?