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    Teen Gets Stuck In Child's Swing

    Weird News Wire

    by Weird News Wire

    17-year-old Shaun Dibsdale of Somerset, England was hanging out in a park with his friends when Shaun decided to sit down and smoke a cigarette. The only problem? The place he chose to sit down was a children’s swing, and when he was done with his cigarette, he couldn’t get out. After struggling for a while, Shaun and his friends called the non-emergency police line, who sent a team of paramedics to try and free the teen. Unfortunately, they were unable to free him, so they had to call the fire department who eventually got him loose with an Allen wrench. All in all, Shaun was stuck in the seat for over half an hour, and it took four firemen and two paramedics to free him. Meanwhile, his friends had plenty of time to post the pictures all over the internet.