Prince Charles breached role in politics


by PressTV

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Prince Charles’s meddling in UK government affairs has set back in the limelight the royal family who has always been infamous for adultery, despotism and manslaughter.

The monarchy is not meant to have any influence over the government. However, Prince Charles has recently been caught allocating his staff into government departments, including the Cabinet Office, which provides support to the prime minister.

Prince Charles wrote 27 letters to ministers from 2004 to 2005 and has been fighting in court for eight years to prevent the contents of these letters from being published. The prince has also held 36 private meetings with Cabinet members since the 2010 general election.

The royal home of Clarence House in London has confirmed that Prince Charles has breached his role in politics. The confirmation follows his deployment of staff to work in two government departments, which is unconstitutional in the English law.

Reports have also been revealed that the prince has allocated employees to the agricultural department to influence the promotion of genetically modified foods.

As a constitutional monarch in waiting, Prince Charles is not supposed to be installing staff into government departments.

This revelation raises serious questions about the motives of Britain’s monarchy. Members of the UK parliament have been forced to investigate the actions of Prince Charles to determine if he has breached his constitutional role.