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    Mimi Faust HARDCORE S*X TAPE

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    Hollywood Uncut

    by Hollywood Uncut

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    Love & Hip Hop star Mimi Faust is finally making love and not war – in a brand new sex tape – and her partner in slime is her co-star and boyfriend from the reality show.
    After her sex tape went viral on 14th April, she started trending on Twitter, with fans eagerly filling in the blank at the end of the phrase.
    They might be taking shots at Mimi’s sexy shower scene in the video but it seems like it’s all in good fun!
    Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith released a brand new sex tape called ‘Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta’ and we believe the fans just can’t get enough of it!
    We are sure the sex tape was meant to be serious but Mimi’s supporters are turning it into one big Twitter joke.
    The new sex tape is pretty risqué, so it’s no wonder it caught the eye of Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch.