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    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame RANT


    by WatchMojo

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    Metal is rock and roll, bitch, as much as or more than New Wave is. Who the fuck is Leonard Sinker? How is a line up change a criticism, especially when it was due to DEATH? Not every band is Led Zeppelin and just quits when they lose a member. Miles Davis, a fucking TRUMPET PLAYER, was hugely influential in the formation rock and roll. The Sex Pistols were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame because they fucking belong in it.
    By Gregor1237 years ago
    Andrew Ryan
    This girl is a retard. The rock and roll hall of fame isn't just rock and roll. its a hall for all types of music that evolvied from rock and roll.
    By Andrew Ryan9 years ago
    What a stupid bitch, did she only know what's Rock"N"Roll ???
    Go fuck yourself
    By le-movais10 years ago
    Mike Gee
    What an asshole! You just don't get it....TWAT!!!!
    By Mike Gee10 years ago