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    Alf & Herbert - Movie Trailer

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    von nut01

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    This is a trailer of a film which is indeed a controversal one. On the one hand there are people who think that this piece of art is a masterpiece and one of the greatest movies - if not the best. On the other hand there are those who don't get this movie, they don't get its message, they say it's "bullshit". But they don't have a clue. They are just stupid shitheads!

    So: Just enjoy the most impressive trailer in film history!

    What? You want to know what the film's about? Well, that's a very complicated question. You can interpret the faboulus told story in many ways. The film is about love, about friendship, about pure happiness and joy. It's about Alf and Herbert and their close connection to each other, but that's not all. I'm sure you will find yourself in this lovable film and if you are not a completely dumbass you will get the message and you'll love the film! But don't worry, IF you are a dumbass, you can help making the next movie for "dumbass productions".

    So, watch the trailer, feel the joy and think about every picture you've seen.

    note: Don't take this seriously. This is stupid.