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    Cals "there They Go" Rap Video by JIMROck 2014

    Cals "There They Go" Dispensary Edition - Video Chop, By JimRock , Directed , Filmed and Edited by me JimRock - Rap Video for sd Rap legend Cals, Filmed w, sony hd camera With Fish Eye, Macro on -..

    I love this video .. as do I like all my Videos, but i went more on a theme with this one, Location wise I was happy but i wish i had more time on some walk in shots, and Middle pan shots, extreme back shots ,Then you gotta run your artist over and over doin the same shit and thats wack when I really like the Documentry Style look , with some Gloss but not too much ...I want you to feel your there, your kickin it with Cals, also show San Diego off a bit .. all my goals in any video, but i look for emotion, good movement, and lighting ... lighting is everything ..
    I do the Slr's and Magix Camera alot , Go pro's, huge Sony Cameras, but going back to this little Sony hd, with a fish eye, really brought me back, thats why i kinda gave it an old vhs like feel in some parts, Ill grain shit up , put a wrinkle on the footage like its not digital, its footage off a vhs ...

    This is a Low Key track off Paper Trail Records Artist Cals Mixtape .. Props to Black Filigree Tattoo and To American Smoke shop for the blunts, and Tree House Collective Dispensary in Vista on Santa Fe !! to JP !! i love the guys there we go there alot.and to New Day Dispensary and, Connoisseurs club in vista, and Botanical , and Green Leaf

    What else. .. also .. umm shout out to Qb Killa Eli, Big Boss Wil, KILOG, and Antonio Villasenor, props to drew, and Daniel, and carlos and jovany, Hey too bree too . Props to Valley Center Homies, Lazieboi we see you !! . to Dead End DIspensary was up .

    More Jimrock Words, 2014 -

    I tell em------
    "These Figgas Don't Want Work,----
    These fools Dnt Want Action ,--
    Our Homies dog No Lacking ---
    Catch fools out back and it's Crackin " .--------.

    Well that was to one guy i would say that , but if you wanna define those words you must Look deeper into the Meaning ... and i go into this more on the blogs how The Worrying, the Tripping over Cops, over ppl, over snitches, no-matter what you do, Legal or Illegal , is it cool with you? or are you trippin , each person knows when they cross the line, when they do too much .. you gotta just respect those around you, and that goes for everything ...I know White Preppy dudes, yha they a Lil Figga, But his Money Grown .. Low Key or Low profile is not always the route in times we live in , EVen when you are under Radar, you never really are, People are Nosy by nature.. you doing better than them, they wanna know why .. why you think we all stay broke on EBT ?

    This all goes into the Master Theory from a great Scholar Drew Lowco, He said a Revelation to me . Nobody is not Burnt ..

    .. Now this flew past my mind like .. Wtf ... OMG, you figured it out .. and alot of people Can relate to this in soo many ways, I would and still say, you could teach classes on the theory that "Nobody is not burnt" .. From Stealth Slanging, To Pimping, To Parties, to Girls, to Business, to Promo, to anything, to any fucking Situation and Lifestyle, Gender, Race, Age, Location, or what Time they lived in , It goes across the ages , as a defining Moment in what i was trying to Explain to people ....

    umm yha you can't use this video in any court of law, or as evidence , cuz all the dank is MINE !! my Medicine, and this shit is entertainment Mannn .. This is normal life to us.. Its San Diego we Love !!!