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    Helicopter crash in Seoul kills two pilots

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    Originally published on November 16, 2013

    A corporate helicopter owned by LG Electronics Inc. crashed, killing both pilots on board, when it struck the I-Park high rise apartment building in Seoul's Gangnam district around 8:45AM, Saturday morning.

    The I-Park building is one of the most expensive housing developments in Gangnam, Seoul's most affluent district, and is equipped with a helipad on the roof, where the pilots were meant to meet an LG executive and transport him to the southern city of Jeonju, according to LG's PR executive, Jeon Myeong-Wu.

    The Sikorsky S-76C, operated by 57 year old captain Park In-kyu and his co-pilot, was flying in extremely foggy air with low visibility. At 8:45AM, the helicopter struck the I-Park building at or above the 30th floor. Residents reported a loud crash at the time of the impact. Nobody in the building or on the ground was hurt, but both pilots died. Hundreds of firefighters and police officers responded to the scene to evacuate the area and clear the wreckage.


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