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    False information on potential guerilla attacks leaked out in Wakayama Japan

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    False information on potential guerrilla attacks leaked out from Hashimoto City Hall in Wakayama, Japan last Friday afternoon.

    A city official conducted experiments releasing J-alert (a nationwide warning system in Japan) using disaster-prevention texts that contains weather alert information and guerilla attack warnings. In this incident, the city official did not fully confirm the interlocking system embedded in J-alert, which caused the sirens to wail and false information to be released in 129 places around Hashimoto City.

    The following announcement was made after the sirens sounded: "Guerrilla attacks could break out in Hashimoto city. Please stay indoors and turn on radios and TVs". This information was said to have repeatedly leaked into 83 places including welfare facilities, primary and middle schools where indoor receivers are set up.

    Though the city official made a correction broadcast right away, the city hall and police stations were swamped with dozens of complaints and inquiries. The city hall responded to the false broadcast, saying that they are taking steps to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future.


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