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    Ghost Hunt - My Immortal

    Stephanie Bragg

    by Stephanie Bragg

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    Shαиiє De Vries
    I love music! It 's a very good AmV. The Subtitles spoil.
    Sorry for my english, i'm french)
    By Shαиiє De Vries7 years ago
    it's a very good amv:
    great quality, nice music, but you shouldn't have kept the subtitles.
    (to all the french: don't worry, your english is perfect)...(i'm french too ^^)
    and british are verry tolerant, aren't they ?(it's not irony)
    By Will8 years ago
    super !can you do some others please ?(sorry i'm french ^^)
    By netphis38 years ago
    Tsuki ou Inspectueur Jeff
    haganemaru the music it's evanescence (oh my english sorry i am french)!!
    I adore your amv Ces which episode the scene in the plain with Naru which holds a knife.I'm French,Sorry for my English .
    By Immura9 years ago
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