Johnny Cash & Louis Armstrong-1970

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Here something of exceptional, really splendid. Louis Armstrong guest on the Johnny Cash show, October 1970.
A duet really very moving... sacred artists.

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A few years after this program, "Bill Crystal" did a comedy bit on Saturday Night on April 17, 1976, about a conversation between an old sax player and himself. Billy Crystal did a very good imitation of Louis Armstrong.Search for "I knew that you could"
Par Mike Bailey l'année dernière
Classic clip there, my American South lecturer showed us this clip in one of my lectures
Par Stephen Muckle il y a 5 ans
Sheer magic!
Par SuzdalKid il y a 6 ans
Thank you merci
J'ai mis ce vidéo sur mon forum, en honneur à ces deux grands et avec un grand merci à vous
Par Evelyne Roullet il y a 6 ans
... !
Par Barumit il y a 7 ans
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