Agrarian Skies - A FTB Skyblock Hardcore Quest Adventure - EP3: The Angler

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Welcome to a new series on my channel playing the new FTB Modpack Agrarian skies. This is a hardcore survival quest based skyblock with added mods. This pack was created by Jadedcat. This is hardcore and there has been hunger overhall and much more! can i survive this quest?

Mods Include -

Applied Energistics - AlgorithmX2
Code Chicken Core - ChickenBones
Cofh Core - King Lemming and Zeldo
Extra Utilities - RWTema
Extrabees and Extra Trees - Binnie
ExNihilo- ErasamusCrowley
ExAliquo - Zerokyuuni
Flatsigns - Myrathi
AOBD - ganymedes01
ExtraCells - m3gafr3ak
Minetweaker -StanH
Forestry - SirSengir
Forge - Lex Manos and the Forge Team
Hunger Overhaul - IguanaMan
Infernal Mobs -- Atomic Stryker
Ironchest - Cpw
JadedSpawn - Minalien
Magic Bees - Mysterious Ages
MineFactory Reloaded - Powercystals and Skyboy
NEI - Chicken Bones
Not Enough Keys - Mr. Okushama
Obsidiplates- Myrathi
Pam's Harvest Craft- Matrexsvigil
Nether Ores and PowerCrystals Core - PowerCrystals and Skyboy
Redstone Arsenal - KingLemming and Zeldo
Switches - Myrathi
Thaumcraft 4 - Azanor
Thermal Expansion 3 - KingLemming and Zeldo
Bibliocraft - Nuchaz
Infinibow - Myrathi
Open Blocks - OpenMods Team
Natura and Tinker's Construct - mDiyo
Fancy Fences - Koopinator
Blood Magic - Way of Time
Mariculture - Joshie
Jadedspawn - Minalien
IguanaTinkersTweeks - Iguanaman
REI Minimap - ReiFNSK
Zan's Minimap - MamiyaOtaru
Journey Map -techbrew

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