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    Snapchat parody: Snap City Epic Battle (Rack City Parody)

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    Teens avoiding helicopter parents, sleazy selfie takers, and inside stock traders already know the benefits of Snapchat. It's the app that self destructs messages seconds upon arrival.

    Snap City is the place Grandma's social network wishes it could go and the Snap Crew girls run this town. They're tough, smart, and use lingo that you'll probably need to Google to find out what it means. This is today's top tech tools against the old-time social network giants of yore.

    Ever lose a job over something you posted online? Anthony Weiner, raise your hand.

    'Ghostface Chillah' the Snap Crew overcome the dark side and send a clear message to anyone trying to buy back their cool: Even $3 billion isn't enough to ride this train.