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    Basketball Coaching ~ Sean Miller's Basketball Skill Development School


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    Sean Miller's Basketball Skill Development School

    From the Best Basketball DVDs Reviews.

    with Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach;
    2011 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2011 Pac-10 Champions;
    former Head Coach at Xavier, 3x A-10 champions;
    2008 A-10 Coach of the Year

    In Sean Miller's system, the guards are the "throttle" of the team. Developing a well-conditioned guard with a total set of skills is a must in order to have success. In this DVD presentation, Coach Miller has put together one of the most comprehensive guard workouts that look to develop skill and condition players for a fast paced game.

    Coach Miller divides his workout into two different segments: shooting and ball handling. He demonstrates six different shooting drills that will expand your guards' shooting ability out of multiple situations. These drills will maximize your player's number of shots, shooting on the move, shooting in transition, and shooting off the pick and roll. Coach Miller pushes his players to teach you how to incorporate conditioning within your shooting workouts. You will learn how to incorporate different moves and actions within your offense into a simple and challenging workout.

    207 minutes. 3-pack DVD on November 15th, 2013 !

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