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    par DonyGiobany

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    Shorty!! Shorty!!
    Shorty c'mere baby girl! (I like what I see)
    This go out to erybody man, a little station identification
    And we call this one for all y'all, who be going to buy...


    The cheebas, them liquors
    The condoms, hit the ass
    It's the cheebas, the liquors
    The condoms, that ass

    Verse One: Mr. Cheeks

    Now now now
    Met this girl, just the other day
    When I was up, on Rockaway
    She was in Kennedy Fried (word em up)
    A little kill's breast, and I said, "Excuse me Miss...
    maybe we can go and jus chat." "About what?"
    "About, about this about that."
    I bet I put somethin in yo mind
    To make you heel it up bring it back come rewind
    Now I'm, just a rap artist
    Not sayin that I'm the best not the smartest but
    But I come up wit things ya never seen
    Things you never heard of like money and the murder like
    Next thing you know we in the rest
    Drinkin liqour, puffin on the buddha sess
    I threw on me a Rough Rider
    I slid inside her


    Wit my cheebas, my liquors
    My condoms, hit the ass
    I had the cheebas, them liquors
    The condoms, hit the ass
    We had the cheebas, the liquors
    The condoms, hit the ass
    We had the cheeba, the liquor
    The condom, the ass!!

    Verse Two: Freaky Tah

    Don't be fuckin wit my shorty, sippin on her forty
    Or puffin on her blunt, cuz she's no fuckin stunt
    True to the game, goes to school for her edu-ma-cation
    While I bounce around the nation
    From nation and back to New York
    I twist the cap, pop the cork
    and take a long walk to the court
    Buddha, I spark chill wit my crew
    Who it be Mr. Cheeks when I sip my nigga brew
    And get in, you gets the fan understand
    Bouncin, we gets to buzzin forty ouncin
    Hit Virginia, I get the shorty-shorty
    Hippin on the forty on the corner wanna bone
    In home or out on my own
    I get whatever hit her, and then get rid of her...