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    Kobe, Japan politician gets slapped with sexual harassment complaints

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    Ippo Kirizuki, a 37-year-old male Japanese local politician from Hyogo, has been at the centre of a sex scandal since this past Monday. He found himself in hot water over a barrage of his sexist remarks such as "Money talks including when hooking up with women". He is also accused of sexually harassing a female assembly member, saying "how about 10,000 yen for a bear hug" during a banquet held by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the Japanese city of Kobe this past early October.

    Several days later, the female victim filed a complaint to Noriyuki Ishikawa, the party secretary general of LDP. Kirizuki had planned to resign his seat from the LDP , giving the excuse that he was too drunk to remember anything, However, the party secretary general of LDP rejected his resignation and reprimanded him for inappropriate behaviours and remarks instead.

    Kirizuki had initially won a parliament seat in the Kobe city Tarumi ward constituency this past July.


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