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    Drunk steals car belonging to woman about to give birth

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    Thirty-three-year-old Japanese builder Hironori Mochihara was arrested for car theft in Osaka late this past Tuesday. The car he allegedly stole belonged to a woman who was about to go into labour.

    The mother-to-be realised she was about to go into labour and asked her husband to take her to the hospital. The husband left the car's engine running and went to get his wife. That's when the drunk suspect passed by and drove off in the car.

    The husband reported to police shortly after witnessing the car theft. He had to call a cab to send his wife to the hospital. Police on patrol spotted the stolen car but lost track of it.

    The suspect was later arrested 2 kilometers from the scene of the crime while he was about to flee. He confessed to all charges during questioning, saying he stole the car because it was running and he realised could use it to get home. Fortunately, the expecting mother gave birth without any complications.


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