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    Stupid criminal: bank robber gets robbed in Texas

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    Bank robbery fail: An Arlington, Texas man found out just how karma works after robbing a bank, then getting robbed himself. In a statement to the FBI, Larry Poulos's roommate said Poulos had mentioned one day that he felt like robbing a bank, then subsequently did it, according to the Huffington Post.

    Poulos allegedly went to the Educational Employees Credit Union and handed the teller a deposit slip with the word "bomb" scrawled on the back, according to Dallas News. He clearly wasn't very threatening in his "I Heart TX" T-shirt, as the teller thought he was joking at first. However, she quickly realized he was serious when he handed her a plastic bag and kept one hand near his waist as if to imply that he was really concealing a weapon.

    The teller stuffed $5,000 into the bag and Poulos fled back to his apartment with his loot, loose dollar bills flying out behind him as he made his escape. Neighbors who saw this called the police, but they weren't the only people who noticed. Apparently, Poulos later told police he also attracted the attention of two rather large men, who followed him to his apartment, beat him up, and made off with the money he had just illegally acquired.

    Karma, Poulos has no doubt learned, can be a bitch.


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