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    Skin condition girl fights back against Internet bullies, wins!

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    A woman who suffers from a rare skin disease has shown the way in the fight against Internet bullies after she stood up to and won a fight with cruel commenters on a popular Internet forum.

    Carly Findlay from Melbourne, Australia, hit back after her picture was posted on Reddit in what could only be described as a modern-day version of a "circus freak show".

    Findlay suffers from two forms of the rare skin condition known as Ichthyosis, the symptoms of which are skin inflammation, itchiness, dehydration and stunted growth.

    The rare condition affects just 10-20 million people and in Carly's case causes her skin to shed at an extremely fast rate.

    Findlay decided enough was enough after she found that her picture had been posted on the "WTF" section of Reddit and began drawing derogatory remarks.

    Instead of ignoring the cruel taunts of Reddit's keyboard warriors, she took the fight directly to the bullies by posting on the site and briefly explaining her condition, earning dozens of respectful replies and an apology from the user who posted the original photo.

    Findlay's guts, fight and determination to fight the bullies head-on and refuse to hide should be a lesson to anyone who is a victim of cyberbulling.

    Because in the end cyber bullies are just like normal bullies. Stand up to them and you will win! Go Carly!


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