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    Thirteen Japanese high-school girls arrested for JK strolling

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    The Tokyo Metropolitan Police department are taking measures to clamp down on a growing trend in "JK (Joshi Kosei) stroll services in Akihabara Japan", which refer to high school girls (Joshi Kosei) dressed in school uniforms standing on streets to provide paid walking services for passersby.

    This past Monday night, hundreds of police staged several raids on one hundred "JK stroll service stores" in Akihabara Japan. Thirteen underage girls ranging in age from 15 to 17 were said to be handing out flyers on the street, enticing customers to use their "walking" services. Some girls allegedly served massages, kisses and co-sleepings, and even offered sexual favors, for extra fees. Thirteen girls were taken into custody and charged with violations of the Labor Standards Act, as they were strongly suspected of teen prostitution and working in hazardous environments.

    The teen suspects denied all charges during questioning, with seven of them saying they didn't feel guilty about their behaviour. According to the police, their parents knew nothing about their daughters getting involved in JK stroll services and massages as part-time work. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police requested that the Education Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to increase awareness about the practice.


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