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    Man stabbed repeatedly by coworker for 'checking his computer' without permission

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    A man in Shanghai suffered nasty lacerations during a knife attack by a crazed co-worker who accused him of checking his computer without asking him on Wednesday.

    According to the victim, the attacker, a 35-year-old man from China's eastern Jiangxi province, who had began working in the office a few months prior suspected his co-worker had been messing around with his office computer.
    The victim says his crazed colleague suddenly grabbed a knife and ran at him repeatedly stabbing and slashing at him in a frenzy. The victim managed to get free before having a major artery cut and crawled to relative safety in another room.

    The victim and coworkers told local media the pair had no history of conflict and are at a loss to explain the violent outburst. The stabbing victim, who made no comment on whether or not he touched his colleagues computer, remains in hospital.


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