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    Student teacher sex: Lauren Cooper-Harrington arrested over alleged affair

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    Student-teacher sex is back in the headline. Lauren Cooper-Harrington, 31, an English teacher Wyoming West Valley High School in Kingston, Pennsylvania, has been arrested over an alleged affair with a student, which began after she told the lucky stud's sister that she thought the boy was "hot."

    According to reports Cooper-Harrington was the monitor during the boy's lunch period. She asked the boy's sister to pass along her mobile-phone number. That's when things started heating up between the two.

    Text messages were exchanged, and soon Lauren Cooper-Harrington was picking up the boy in her car near her home. The pair allegedly had sex two times and she performed oral sex on the high school senior three times.

    According to police the affair was discovered after the boy's parents found details of an intimate conversation on his laptop. The parents knew the boy was having an affair with a woman named "Lauren" who was also a vegetarian and had Crohn's disease. The affair allegedly began on December 13.

    Cooper-Harrington has been released on a bail of US$25,000 and will appear in court on Thursday. She is married to dance instructor Raphael Cooper, owner of the Cooper Dance Academy. On December 19 he posted a message on Facebook saying dance classes were cancelled due to a family emergency.

    He wrote: "After the holiday, I , Raphael Cooper will address all of the members of our studio as to our future. Please keep everyone in our family in your prayers as we confront the days ahead."