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Top 4 Tech Stories of the Day

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Samsung is marching forward with its region-lock policy for new devices, with the Galaxy S5 representing the latest victim of this feature, SamMobile reports. To unlock it, users would have to use it with a local SIM card before being able to use it in a different region. Instead of requiring users to use the phone for five minutes after a local SIM is activated – which was the case of the Galaxy Note 3 – Samsung now wants Galaxy S5 owners to make a 5-minute call before the device can be used with SIMs from other regions.
They're looking for blood! Lookout Mobile Security has released a free app called Heartbleed Detector that checks to see whether an Android device is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. The Heartbleed bug, a serious error in an encryption library called OpenSSL that makes it devastatingly easy to grab supposedly secure data, mostly affects Web and email servers. However, Android 4.1.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean) does use a vulnerable version of the OpenSSL software. Heartbleed Detector checks to see if you're running a vulnerable version of Android, and whether the vulnerable extension to OpenSSL is enabled on your device.
Facebook will soon discontinue the messaging feature of its main app, and its users will need a separate app in order to communicate with friends via direct messages. The move comes following its acquisition of Whatsapp, the largest mobile messaging service in the world in terms of active users. As the company has allowed Whatsapp to operate independently as of now, it needs to ensure that Facebook brand doesn’t fade away from mobile messaging market. There may be some user backlash in the beginning, but the decision is focused on reaping long-term benefits.
Many parents are comfortable with giving cellphones to teens , but young kids are a different story -- how do you introduce them to mobile technology without also exposing them to all kinds of dangers ? Sprint thinks its new WeGo phone is a good answer to that dilemma. The simple, rugged design not only limits a child's calling and messaging options to pre-approved contacts, but lets their parents track just about anything through mobile apps or the web.