Justice For Thai King Bhumibol

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In YouTube, members Thai Free Speech and MANTVANGOUD attack on the king under the name of freedom of speech. But they themselves don't allow Thai people to post response or comments. They are the real destroyers of freedom of speech!


Seriously, you didn't have a choice! You were taught to love the king so much that it is almost impossible for you to NOT love the king. You have not been given a CHOICE! I don't love my queen. I don't even respect her! I have been given a choice. Without free choice the world would not know computers, cars, medicines or life saving operations. We need open, free minds(even if they do offend your immoral beliefs that one man deserves all the gold and riches and power in the land!)The Ying needs a Yang! Chai mai khrap?
By tricky1025 7 years ago
I do respect your king as he seems('seems', look it up in the oxford) to be the best of a bad bunch(bad bunch meaning type of ruler, as opposed to dictators, politicians etc)but please please PLEASE stop your 'oh we love the king', 'he is so nice', 'he can help the poor people',
By tricky1025 7 years ago
I have been interested in the subject of 'did the king kill his brother' for a while and I have yet to see or be shown evidence(your own words)to quash the rumours, and as for your 'free speech' tirade then why NOT let people post their concerns on youtube? Free speech should not be overcomplicated. It should have the same meaning all over the world. It should simply mean 'say what you want' and somebody did just that and you also have the right to say what you want and you have done so! Stop being a simple minded little shit. Any king is corrupt by their very nature. It's now the year 2008. We have an international space station and people can communicate instantly by video all over the world 'FREE'. Does any of this make any sense? Can you free yourself from a medievel ideaology or are you just too scared to advance yourself? It's up to you cupcake! Peace! (P.S, sorry, but honestly, what are your plans for the human race? Who keeps Kings and Queens in opulence? Our blood and sweat!)
By tricky1025 7 years ago
shame on you too " free speech n MANTVANGOUD "
don't touch my king ever
By indyclassic 7 years ago
long live the king.
we love our king.
By Paninee Punnium 7 years ago
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