Divergent Movie Review By Rony Dutta

Cine Curry
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Divergent revolves around Beatrice 'Tris' Prior (Shaileen Woodley) and her struggle against an oppressive society for the freedom of her people (cue The Hunger Games) along with trying to pass a deadlier form of high school in a do-or-die situation (cue Vampire Academy).

To add to that, The Great Indian Caste Circus seems to have sprung up in post-apocalyptic Chicago -- which is now a walled Troy-like city -- except that instead of four main castes based on the segregation of labour, this futuristic world has five factions -- Erudite, the scientist-y types, Cantor, the justice system, Amity, the farmers, Dauntless, the police, and Abnegation, those who have dedicated their lives to serving others.

Since members of Abnegation are selfless, they are entrusted with running the government. But not everyone is happy with this arrangement.

Tris lives with her parents and brother, all of whom belong to the Abnegation faction. Her father is an aide of Marcus, the man who runs their government.

All is not well with the faction system, and serious allegations of misconduct are mounting against Abnegation.

It is amidst these tensions that Tris and her brother must go through a coming-of-age ritual which requires them to choose a faction to which they want to belong to. However, once the faction is chosen, there can be no changes.

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