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    Virgin Snow Test Screening


    by Stephanie

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    Miyazaki Aoi & Lee Jun Ki - April 6th 2007

    A test screening of the Korean / Japanese movie "Virgin Snow," was held for press members on April 6th 2007. The event was attended by the movie's two main stars, Miyazaki Aoi and Lee Jun Ki. Singer Moriyama Naotaro was also at the event, and charmed the audience by singing the movie's theme song, "Mirai - Kaze no Tsuyoi Gogo ni Umareta Sonet." The press conference expressed the movie's theme of culture and language barrier, as Lee Jun Ki answered questions in the Korean language. Regarding their characters' story, Miyazaki Aoi commented that language is a wall which allows people to make better effort to understand one another; It is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to deepen one's relationship.