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    Adjustable airline seats designed to fit your size and budget

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    Originally published on November 21, 2013

    British company Seymourpowell has designed adjustable airline seats that can be widened according to the size of the passenger.

    The new seats, known as Morph, would allow airlines to charge passengers according to how much space they request. Morph is designed without traditional foam padding. A single piece of fabric forms the back of three seats and another piece forms the seat cushion.

    The height of the seats is adjustable by moving seat formers positioned under the fabric. The dividers between the seats can be shifted left and right, creating larger or smaller seats.

    Seymourpowell said the design has attracted the interest of major aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. However, the company says it may take more than a decade for the new design to be implemented as it would need to be fitted into newly built planes.


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