‘Porton Man’ Solider-Mimicking Robot Will Test Protective Gear

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The Ministry of Defence in the UK recently unveiled a brand new robot that mimics a solider.

The UK's Ministry of Defence recently unveiled a brand new robot that mimics a solider. The job of the robotic mannequin is to test the adequacy and functionality of protective gear and equipment.

Named ‘Porton Man’, it’s comprised of lightweight carbon composite materials that are typical reserved for Formula One racing vehicles. It’s certainly a multifunctional robot with the ability to walk, run, march, sit and kneel down.

‘Porton Man’ can also lift its arms to sight a weapon just like a solider. Buckinghamshire based, i-bodi Technology is responsible for designing and building the robot.

Everyone seems to be very happy with the results. Philip Dunne who serves as the Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology commented ‘This technology, designed by a British company, is enabling the UK to lead the way in this important testing. Increased investment in science and technology by MOD is not only enabling battle-winning and life-saving equipment to be developed, but also helping innovative companies like i-bodi Technology to develop cutting-edge capability.’

‘Porton Man’ isn’t exactly the first mannequin of its kind. Previous versions were introduced in the 1990s to assist in the design of biological, radiological and chemical suits for soldiers.

‘Porton Man’ is far more advanced than the rest however, with his impressive range of motion. The hope is that the new mannequin will help to develop lightweight suits for military members.